A great feature like pausing and unpausing definitely helps the new gamers who are trying to achieve a solid rank

Pausing and unpausing the boosting is all in your hands. Whenever you feel like, you can pause and whenever you feel like, you can unpause the boost. Every single step is too convenient and made easier for the usage of the new gamers. So, you must check out the website of boosteria in order to be connected with the best of the boosters.

Pause and unpause at anytime

So, you would have to pause the boost or unpause the boost according to your own wish and requirements. It is not necessary that you follow a set pattern. You can do it according to you own convenience.

Boost your account by investing little to no money

But, one thing to note here is that once you have paused the boost, you would no longer be connected with your booster. So, the nest time when you would unpause the boost, there will be some new booster waiting for you. Nonetheless, you can sort out thing with your booster. If you are willing to stay with your old booster, you can ask him to get connected with you.

Boosteria is here to make everything easy

But, they might be busy in other commitments. So, once they finish all those commitments, they would be there with you. Only a small drawback for you would be to wait. But, if you can wait, then you should! Nonetheless, all the boosters of boosteria are quite efficient.

They love their job and they love gaming as well. That is the reason, they are here. So, if you are willing to boost through boosteria, then you can pay through several options such as Paypal, PaySafeCard, iDeal, credit and debit cards.